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Marketing, PR & Digital

Marketing, PR and social media are essential for you to reach your target audience and promote your products and services. I can help you to develop and implement marketing strategies, create PR campaigns, and manage your social media presence.

If you have a PR requirement to launch a new product, raise awareness of an existing product, inform the public of company news, reach a larger audience, or wish to improve the reputation of your brand, I can help you to develop appropriate strategic messaging to communicate with your audience and successfully reach your objectives.

Your online presence is a way to increase consumer awareness, strengthen your brand and build up your credibility. I can review and critique your website and social media channels. I also have extensive experience setting up and managing various different social media platforms on behalf of SMEs and corporate clients. Projects vary from 1-day events to short and long term contracts.

If you need support to develop a content management plan, please get in touch.

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