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Newcastle West Food Tour

Tickets for upcoming Newcastle West Food Tours can be purchased on line.   We usually start at 10am and guests enjoy a number of tastings before indulging in a lunch (this is optional) created using local ingredients.  Tastings include beer, sushi, granola, apple juice & lots more! Special dietary needs can be catered for if…… Continue reading Newcastle West Food Tour

Blog · Book Newcastle West Food Tour! · Food Experiences

Fairy Tale Food Tour

Come and join me on a Fairy Tale Food Tour of Newcastle West, Co Limerick, Ireland. The 2-3 hour tour starts in the heart of Newcastle West where you learn about West Limerick’s most notable artisan food producers before venturing onto the historic Square to hear about the culinary attributes of Co Limerick’s largest market town complete with…… Continue reading Fairy Tale Food Tour

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Bring on the Dulse and Yellowman Mary Anne

I have plans to visit the Lammas Fair in Ballycastle, Co Antrim for the first time in over 20 years.  The last time I was there I was working alongside my grandmother, great aunt and sister selling dulse and the infamous Devlins’ Yellowman that is synonymous with the festival. The purpose of my 2015 visit is to…… Continue reading Bring on the Dulse and Yellowman Mary Anne

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A Meaney Full Friendship

Life is an amazing and interesting journey insofar as the way in which new friendships start.  A few years ago I was involved in organising a Christmas festival in Newcastle West when I received a tweet from a “Roisin Meaney” offering to help out by doing some children’s storytelling sessions.  I’m not one to look…… Continue reading A Meaney Full Friendship