2019 Electric Picnic

Screenshot 2019-09-03 at 17.55.12

It is always an honour to be invited to MC cookery demonstrations at events such as food festivals.  This year I returned to the Theatre of Food at Electric Picnic and was on stage with award winning chef, hotelier and cookbook author (best in the world in fact) Brian McDermott.  To be honest Brian doesn’t need a MC as he can hold his own on stage, cooking and chatting at the same time and having the craic with the audience.  Nonetheless, I was delighted to be there with him and as chance would have it, he was showcasing Mulroy Bay Mussels, a Donegal producer I visited during an inspiration tour of the county during the summer.  (Thank you Eurotoques Ireland and Donegal Food Tours!)

2019-08-31 18.07.04

Thanks a million to John and Sally McKenna from McKennas Guides for the invitation, everyone at FoodHaus Events and of course the lovely Brian McDermott.


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