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Afternoon Tea Creates a Grey Area

The first time I enjoyed the elegant afternoon tea experience was many moons ago with my parents and sisters in Co Cavan’s Slieve Russell Hotel.  I can remember when multiple tiered stands overflowing with goodies arrived at the table – one or two would have been plenty for us.

Most recently the venue was Co Limerick’s Adare Manor to celebrate a friend’s “significant” birthday.  Fifteen ladies sat down together for a couple of hours before moving on to the next stage of the celebrations (more details laters baby…)

We felt very at home in the Downtonesque surroundings and pondered for a while about what it would have been like to visit in its early days in the 19th century.  Obviously heating costs and water charges were considered not to mention the unenviable task of cleaning the 365 windows – one a day perhaps before you have to start all over again!

I opted for the vegetarian afternoon tea (with pink bubbly), not because I’m a vegetarian but I was drawn to the mushroom and blue cheese quiche and the goat’s cheese and beetroot bruschetta.  They along with the scones and pastries were all scrumptious and too much for one sitting but luckily there were doggy bags on hand to safely transport some leftovers home.

The menu for Afternoon Tea at Adare Manor
The menu for Afternoon Tea at Adare Manor
But home was not the next port of call and at the request of the birthday girl, it was off to the flicks to see the movie that everyone is talking about at the moment.  I haven’t read the book so I was expecting pure filth and it came like a bolt out of the blue to be reminded of a former colleague from Queen’s University Belfast.  I have since emailed him to advise him how Fifty Shades of Grey made me relive those wonderful few hours that we spent alone.  Just the 2 of us.  In isolation.  Flying high.  He is intrigued (because he hasn’t seen the movie).  Are you?  Laters baby!!!


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