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Getting in a flap…

Food writer, Dee Laffan, was a January 2015 guest on my radio show, Best Possible Taste.  She shared her 10 new year “food” resolutions, one of which was to try new recipes regularly.  I tend to go through phases where I’ve a fridge full of homemade creations and then nothing for ages.  Recently in the Sunday Independent Life Magazine, there was a flapjack recipe by Susan Jane White.  My kids, like myself, just love treats so this recipe seemed like a potential way to offer a “healthy” treat.

My 3 year old enjoyed helping me to make them which was straightforward enough. Melt, mix and mush down.  Initially, she seemed to like them but to be honest her interest in them waned as the week went on.  This was evidenced in their presence in the lunchbox when it returned home from school.  Sadly, my interest did not and it didn’t take me long to polish off the fruits of our limited labour.

There is a similar recipe to the one published in Life Magazine on Susan’s website, the link for which is below.  Next time, I’d be tempted to throw in a few chocolate chips (and not forget to put the raisins in) as this would make it more appealing to the 3 year old and give me some more unneeded calories!

Flapjacks by Susan Jane White


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