Let it rain, let it rain!

This day 8 years ago I had an outburst in a lift in front of complete strangers.  I just couldn’t contain myself any longer.  “I’m getting married today,” I literally exclaimed with overwhelming glee (if you know me, I’m not prone to exclamations of overwhelming glee).  Their response was the expected congratulations and to be fair they seemed to be genuinely happy for me going so far as to be waiting in the hotel lobby to wish me well when I was leaving the hotel for the church.

For a person who loves organising events, I hated organising my wedding.  I knew what could go wrong and that included the weather.  Like most brides I was on weather watch in the run up to the day.  However, I was praying for rain much to the disgust of my then husband to be.  Yesterday’s glorious weather would have been my worst nightmare 8 years ago.  “It will stop folk hanging around outside chatting,” I explained to him.  “They will hurry inside and we can keep everything on time.”  I was totally obsessed with keeping everything on time!

And doesn’t time fly and here we are 8 years later with 2 kids, no dog (poor Dougal was knocked down a year ago *sob), our health and happiness most of the week when we’re not fighting over serious problems such as not opening windows on a regular basis or messing up the children’s carefully organised clothes to name but a few…


Happy anniversary darling! 


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