The Perfect Summer Read

Reading has never been my forte.  We used to visit the library regularly growing up and I always refused to take out a book that had more than 200 pages and it had to have gigantic typeset.  To my utter dismay, I found myself at 18 years of age doing an A-Level in English Literature.  I HATED it and it was my lucky day when I discovered iambic pentameter in the unseen poem, got my hands on a video of Hamlet the day before the drama paper and the exact question came up that related to an essay I had learnt off by heart about metaphysical something or another.  I planned to write that essay in the exam regardless of what question came up.   

I am glad to say that reading has grown on me but I restrict it to certain authors.  Chick lit is my thing.  I am a Cathy Kelly / Marian Keyes sort of gal.  If you are like me, then you will love the books by Roisin Meaney.

Best Selling Author Roisin Meaney


Fate brought Roisin (who lives in Limerick) and I into contact a few years ago and I like to think of us as pals while Roisin probably thinks I’m a bit of a stalker.  I won’t go in to how we met as I know she is saving it for a future storyline which will star me as a more beautiful, slimmer, taller, shapelier legged version of what I am now.  This novel will also feature Liam Neeson.  As I write I’m getting terribly excited about this novel being turned into a movie and attending the premier on Liam’s arm as the hubbie will have to stay at home to babysit… 

I digress.

Tonight, I am off to the next best thing to a movie premier.  Tonight is the launch of Roisin’s latest book “After the Wedding” which I read in a record 48 hours and has now made its way to Mum in Ballymena. 


“After the Wedding” follows on from Roisin’s “One Summer” and if you are looking for “an engaging, warm and heartfelt story of love, friendship and family” from a best selling author, then look no more. 

Congratulations Roisin and here’s to many more XX

BTW – I got a C in the A-Level English.  


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