From Japan to Ardagh!

Between here (on the blog) and over on @QueenofOrg it’s been well documented that I thought the Easy Japanese Cooking Demo by Fiona Uyema was just fantastic.  Since then I’ve made many a Japanese dish and the feedback has been very complimentary albeit not on the scales!  I can’t think of a better way to spend this Friday night and I’m off to another demo just out the road from NCW in Ardagh.  Tom Flavin will be cooking up a storm to raise money for Ardagh National School.  Tom is Executive Chef at the Limerick Strand Hotel but this Friday 28 March he’s a Daddy helping to raise money for his kids’ school to buy lap tops.

Mai & Jack Flavin


For a mere €10 you’ll get a glass of vino, some canapés and possibly a job that will not include the washing up.  I have a few tickets to sell so give me a shout on 087 099 5741 if you’d like one.

Oh and did I mention you also get to hear my dulcet tones as I am the MC for the evening.  Eek!



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