Munching Mollies on Tour

Unfortunately, I rarely get the opportunity to spend time in Limerick City.  However, when I saw on twitter that lovely Limerick author Roisin Meaney was arranging a gathering of Munching Mollies, I tweeted Roisin to count me in.  (And it meant I could also have a sneaky visit to Limerick Milk Market beforehand.)

Munching Mollies came to life when 2 twitter friends (@msfrugalone and @wafflewaitress) fancied a women’s tweet up.  The inaugural get togethers were in Dublin and arranged by @msfrugalone who came up with the name.

Thanks to Roisin, #MolliesOnTour has been born after 12 of us enjoyed lunch in one of my favourite Limerick restaurants – the Cornstore.  For me being a blow in as they say, it was a great chance to meet some interesting new people.  I’m looking forward to the next one in a couple of months!  All welcome, so keep an eye out on twitter for details…


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