Tweet Up Dinner at the Limerick Strand Hotel

Tom Flavin is the Limerick Strand Hotel’s Executive Chef.  He regularly appears on the Best Possible Taste with recipes, tips, news and more.  To my shame despite working regularly with him, I had never experienced his culinary expertise in the hotel’s award winning River Restaurant – until this week.  The Foodies Expo was on in the hotel and Tom hosted the most fabulous Tweetup Dinner.  Words do not do justice to the delectable delights served up to the 40 odd diners.

Burren Smokehouse Main course Menu

 Nor do my photos but some fellow tweeters (@BurrenSalmon, @LimerickStrand) posted some excellent ones.  The emphasis was on artisan produce with Silver Darlings Herrings, Rigney’s Pork and the Burren Smokehouse all featuring along with several others.  The technical skills were employed in the kitchen and outside it with the serving of the main course no easy task.

Well done and thanks to Tom and all his team.


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