New Challenges

So while many families were looking at a new chapter in their lives with the smallies starting school for the first time, I too embarked on a new challenge last September.  West Limerick 102FM offered me a slot to do a food and drink themed programme and I was (still am) certainly “feeling the fear” but in a good way.  Many moons ago I did work experience at a major radio station in Belfast (I am from Ballymena in Co Antrim) and  I was told that whilst I had the face for radio (excuse me?!), I most certainly did not have the voice.  And that was that until last year when I signed up for the “Upskilling in Broadcasting” course that WLR runs.  Fortunately, the folk of West Limerick liked the Ballymena accent (thank you) when I filled in for one of the presenters of the Exchange last summer and so I return to fill the airwaves with my dulcet tones every Tuesday 8pm – 9pm on the Best Possible Taste.  Never fear if you are not in range to listen in by the traditional wireless.  You can tune in from anywhere in the world on line or download the Tune In app to your iPhone/Ipad/Iwhateveryouhave!  You can also listen to old shows on Soundcloud thanks to my lovely producer, Geraldine O Sullivan

Best Possible Taste Podcasts

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Bon Appetit!

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3 thoughts on “New Challenges

  1. Well now wouldn’t Liam Neeson be proud! Delighted to see this blog up and running and to be able to listen in from Philadelphia, PA USA. Love the show and love the blog already. Well done and best of luck!

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